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If you have any problems using our GTA 5 online money hack just remember support is always here, either contact us via email or visit the comments section

How do I use the GTA 5 money cheat?

We’ve made our GTA 5 money generator so simple that anybody could use it, simply enter your GTA online username into the box provided and press the submit button. (Please double check your name and ensure it is correct) After the submit button has been pressed you will be redirected to another page where you can select from 5 money packages, select your package and voila, your online cash will be delivered within a couple of minutes!

Enter GTA online username

Do not worry, you’re in safe hands

Many people will be a bit worried when it comes to using our hack but we can guarantee you are in safe hands and have nothing to worry about. If it’s being banned you are worrying about believe me you have more chance of being struck by lightning, if you’re worried we might steal your account that’s impossible as we only ask for you username and NOT your password. Everything is completely confidential and your information will NEVER be shared with anyone.

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These before and after testimonials are from real people who have used our GTA 5 money hack and are happy to share their results with you. After you have used our GTA money cheat we ask you to submit your own testimonial using either our reviews or contact page. This allows us to gain a good reputation meaning more and more customers will believe in our service, the 3 reviews below were chosen at random from people who sent a review in using the contact page. If you would like yours to appear on the home page please make sure you mention that on the form.


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“Hi I’m Jay and I used the GTA v money cheat to get 100M online cash, I completed a short survey and had my cash delivered within minutes – Thanks!”


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I cant thank you guys enough, I’ve been searching GTA 5 online cheats only to come across fake sites, I gave this one a try and got 300M online cash for FREE!! 🙂


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If anyone is looking for a working GTA 5 money cheat I can guarantee this one works and it works well! I cant thank you guys enough for my 500 Million online money!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Using our GTA 5 hack has never been so simple, to get started enter your online username into the text box provided and press the submit button. Please double check the username and make sure no mistakes have been made otherwise this will not work.


After you have pressed the submit button you will be sent straight to our package selection page, once on this page you can select from 5 different money packages, select a package by clicking one. After selected you MAY be asked to complete a short survey.


Not everyone is asked to complete a survey as it’s just to keep our site safe, however, if prompt to complete one please follow the on screen instructions and it will be completed in no time. Once fully completed we will send all your cash! 

 Frequently asked questions

Our support team receive hundreds of emails asking the same questions on a daily basis, we thought we would implant a FAQ section onto the homepage to answer some of the questions we get asked on a day to day basis. Before sending us any emails we ask that you please read this section first as it will save us all some time!

“Will this work on my Xbox or Playstation?”

We have created this GTA 5 hack to work with every single console and PC so no matter what you’re using our hack will always work. We have tried and tested it with every platform so you can enjoy our flawless cheat hassle free!

“Can this get my account banned?”

We have tested this hack over and over again so we know how flawless and undetected it actually is, our GTA money hack is completely safe meaning your account will NEVER get banned while using our service!

“I finished the survey but haven’t got my cash!”

Before you jump to conclusions assuming our service is fake please allow some time for the online cash to be delivered! During busy times our system can tend to run a bit slower so the cash delivery can take up to 15 minutes but no longer.


The surveys on our website are put in place to stop the mass SPAM and bots, without the use of these surveys our site wouldn’t be able to cope with all the requests and would have been shut down by now. We know that completing a survey can be a bit an annoyance but we promise it won’t take any longer than a few minutes.