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 Frequently asked questions

Our support team receive hundreds of emails asking the same questions on a daily basis, we thought we would implant a FAQ section onto the homepage to answer some of the questions we get asked on a day to day basis. Before sending us any emails we ask that you please read this section first as it will save us all some time!

“Will this work on my Xbox or Playstation?”

We have created this GTA 5 hack to work with every single console and PC so no matter what you’re using our hack will always work. We have tried and tested it with every platform so you can enjoy our flawless cheat hassle free!

“Can this get my account banned?”

We have tested this hack over and over again so we know how flawless and undetected it actually is, our GTA money hack is completely safe meaning your account will NEVER get banned while using our service!

“I finished the survey but haven’t got my cash!”

Before you jump to conclusions assuming our service is fake please allow some time for the online cash to be delivered! During busy times our system can tend to run a bit slower so the cash delivery can take up to 15 minutes but no longer.

Why choose us?

We all know there are many sites out there that claim to offer in-game  GTA V money for free or at a small cost. Determining which one is best is a bit difficult especially for those who haven’t had the experience before. Here the key reasons why you should choose us instead of the competition:

We Deliver
Unfortunately, there are many frauds in this industry claiming to offer GTA money but do not deliver the same. We are different. We offer you free in-game cash and you can come for it on a daily basis if you want! Check out the screenshots and testimonials below for proof.

No bans record
Yes! You read that right. Since we started none of our clients has ever been banned. Zero bans! And we are very proud of that. We have invested a lot in making our system undetectable and we have had massive success with that. So if you want free money that won’t raise any red flags, you now know where to get it from.

Safety is guaranteed
With us, you don’t have to download any program. Our generator is 100% online and safe – you can use your web scanner to confirm that.

Our generator works with PlayStation, Xbox and the PC versions of the game

Why you need money for GTA V Online

For strip clubs
Yep, you need plenty of money to spend in strip clubs if you are into that kind of thing. Good pleasure is expensive you know!

To buy expensive cars and motorcycles
Let’s face it, shooting people doesn’t cut it for everyone. Many people just like exploring the GTA V map looking for missions to do. What better way to explore Los Santos or Blaine County than on a new set of wheels? Order a legendary bike or car and see how much more that will spice up your game.

For the safe house (you will need it)
If you intend to fully immerse yourself in the world of GTA V, you will surely need a safehouse for when things are hot! And we all know how hot things can get for badass criminals. Good money will get you a pimped out safehouse for such a time.

A good condo, Yo!
You can’t really be balling without a nice house, can you? A good condo completes your badass look! Get a good one somewhere on the Del Perro Heights to live life like a real crime boss.

To buy weapons and ammo
You need to be prepared for missions and for protection. Good money will buy you plenty of “preparation” in the way of big bad weapons and ammunition.