Halo Infinite Players Can Use Social Menu to Lessen Battle Pass Grind

Halo Infinite Players Can Use Social Menu to Lessen Battle Pass Grind

Since its release, players have been looking for ways to make Halo Infinite more enjoyable and less tedious. One player discovered that they could efficiently complete Battle Pass challenges using the Social menu.

You can access the Social Menu by pressing your controller’s “Menu” button. The Social Menu allows players to view their friend’s list, leave or join a party and see which friends they have online. You will also find a tab called “Challenges,” which lists all the challenges the player has unlocked.

This tab allows players to view all the challenges available for each tier in the Battle Pass. Players can choose any challenge from any level to start immediately.

One clever Halo Infinite player discovered a way to reduce the Battle Pass grind. He used the Social Menu to skip unneeded game modes and made it easier to progress through Battle Pass. The latest installment of the Halo franchise was split into two parts: a free-to-play multiplayer component that launched in November and a paid campaign module due to launch on December 8. 343

Industries, Halo Infinite’s developer, decided to do this because most people were only playing Halo 5 Guardians’ multiplayer mode. The Battle Pass allows players to access exclusive cosmetic items through completing challenges. This discovery is a blessing for many, as most of these challenges are tied to game modes that some players might not like. The Social Menu is accessible through the main menu. It bears the tab ‘Challenges.’ This allows players to check who their friends are online, join parties, and view a list of all unlocked achievements, challenges, and regardless of the game mode. This is how it works.

The Battle Pass tab can be accessed by clicking on any challenge within any tier. This allows players to start the game immediately without going through the full game mode. This won’t work with all challenges as some are only available in specific game modes. However, it is a helpful workaround for those stuck in a particular task. The Battle Pass is $10 and comes with cosmetic rewards such as weapon skins, armor variations, and emblems. 343 Industries is keen to emphasize that microtransactions are not required to complete the pass. Halo 5 Guardians introduced a microtransactions system that allowed players to buy ‘Req Packs’ with real-world cash.

343 Industries allowed Halo Infinite’s launch to be broken down into two parts, allowing fans to familiarize themselves with the multiplayer before they dive into the campaign. Fans have eagerly waited to see what the free-to-play multiplayer has to offer. This is the first time a Halo title was made available for F2P. While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is well-respected for its gameplay, many gamers have criticized its Battle Pass for microtransactions and slow progression. Due to community backlash, Halo Infinite recently increased its daily challenge XP by 343 and will make further adjustments to the Battle Pass progression. This is the

Social Menu’s Challenges tab can be a great way to discover how to maximize the Battle Pass for free. It will be interesting for 343 Industries to alter the Battle Pass in light of this information.

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