Elden Ring’s new Game Awards trailer focuses on story

“The Elden Ring was broken but by who?” “And why?” The trailer for Elden Ring, unveiled at The Game Awards on Thursday night, asks this question: “Why?”

For the second consecutive year, Elden Ring was named Most Anticipated Game by The Game Awards. This confirms its status as the most anticipated game of the next generation. Although the award was not a surprise, TGA host Geoff Keighley was eager to introduce Elden Ring’s new trailer to the audience.

The trailer opens with a shot of a shattered ring. “The Elden Ring was broken but by who?” “And why?” This trailer is entirely pre-rendered footage for those FromSoftware fans worried about spoilers, this trailer is entirely pre-rendered footage. It’s not surprising that this will be the opening cinematic of Elden Ring’s February release.

Elden Ring Trailer

The new CG trailer provides a glimpse into the history of Elden Ring and builds on the excitement for Elden Ring. The trailer sets the scene for the mystery surrounding who and why they destroyed the Elden Ring. The game’s player character will attempt to rebuild the Elden Ring, more like a crown. However, they might discover a darker secret. Whatever the reason, the destruction of the Elden Ring set off a war in which demi-gods waged battle against each other.


The trailer ends with Malenia, her giant sword wielded (fans can purchase a Malenia statue Collector’s Edition). She is fighting another opponent. But the storyteller tells them that their struggle is futile. This is a common theme from FromSoftware games, futility and conflict. However, the trailer ends with hope. The world of Elden Ring could be changed if the player character succeeds in their efforts.

Elden Ring was the one who brought George R.R. Martin to bring life to the world, but this feels very Much in Line with From Software. This trailer has a similar style and tone to the trailers for Dark Souls. FromSoftware games are characterized by large gothic castles and massive creatures with unique designs. Another key indicator is a delicate female character pleading with the player for help is another key indicator.

The developer knows what fans want from their games, and they are eager to get Elden Ring. Elden Ring is the most anticipated game in two years due to the delay and unknown release date. It is hoped that the February release date will stick. The month is jam-packed with significant games releases, and Elden Ring doesn’t have the chance to triple-up.

Elden Ring

Lucky fans were able to get hands-on experience with Elden Ring gameplay during a network test at the beginning of November. Although it was a very brief taste, it demonstrated a strong marriage between world design and tight gameplay encounters. It was also more accessible than other FromSoftware games.

The game will be released in February 2022, an already busy month. It will be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PS4 consoles, and PC.

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