PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going free-to-play

It seems like a long time since PUBG Battlegrounds dominated the world and sparked the battle royale craze, but it is finally free to play.

The Game Awards 2021 made the announcement. PUBG: Battlegrounds released a press release stating that the new free-to-play model will reward players who have been playing the game for many years and provide unique rewards to encourage new players.

Krafton announced that PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds would adopt a free-to-play model starting January 12 in a largely prerecorded trailer at The Game Awards.

PUBG cost $30 to purchase up until now. This is an exception to a genre that has been dominated by free-to-play games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Although PUBG remains popular, it was once the most played battle royale game. That ubiquity is a distant memory now, and even PUBG’s early success pales in comparison to the schoolyard-dominating juggernaut Fortnite has become. Krafton could make up the difference by eliminating admission fees.


If you have already paid the total price for the game, don’t worry. While you will still receive the “founder’s Edition”, freemium and freemium cosmetics for PUBG, custom and ranked game types will remain locked behind a $13 payment barrier. This economical move will help curb cheaters trying to avoid bans. It is cheaper than 13 dollars to create a new account and avoid suspension. There are many ways to increase monetization, including new tactical leather dusters and brightly coloured assault rifle skins.

PUBG’s fans and developers will both benefit from an increased player base. This should give new life to the unique simulationist and unforgiving battle-royale game. PUBG is Krafton’s foundation and its success. After Thunder Tier One was released, the announcement came a tactical shooter with a similar aesthetic as PUBG.

Once the free-to-play conversion is complete, all legacy players will automatically receive the “Special Commemorative Pack”. Players must have purchased the game before January 10, 2022, to earn these items. These items can be earned using different methods depending on the platform, but all eligible players will receive them immediately. Once the transition is completed, Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus will no longer be required to play online multiplayer.


This change could be confusing for average players. It is easy to understand why more people play the game. This keeps cheaters out of games and makes it harder for newer players to succeed.

This is a significant change for a game that’s been around for a while, but it should revitalize the PUBG community. You can read the most recent news and keep up with the development of the community to find out who will be the king of battle royale gaming now that PUBG is entirely free to play.

The history of PUBG has been turbulent. Most notable was its departure from PlayerUnknown and subsequent parallel shifting rebranding as PUBG Battlegrounds. The game has received updates and new maps. The PUBG universe continues to expand into other games and television properties.

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