The Alan Wake 2 Trailer Teasing Trilogy?

Fans of Control and Alan Wake have been waiting for the announcement of Alan Wake 2 at the 2021 Game Awards. Remedy Entertainment’s trailer revealed clues to the upcoming return into the world of Alan Wake, more than 10 years since the original game’s release.

The trailer opens by showing the title card of “Alan Wake 2” before zooming in to the word “returns.” These last three letters are critical as they are prominently featured in Control’s marketing. The Remedy may be teasing a connection between these two games beyond the fact that they are set in the same universe.

Control 2 could be a prequel. It could be explored how Wake ended up in Federal custody and his activities during the period between his disappearance in New York and Jesse Faden arriving in New York. As you can see in the trailer, Wake is being escorted to the Department of Homeland Security.

Alan Wake 2 could be set at a different time in Alan Wake’s life as a writer. The events in the first game may have inspired his next novel. In the sequel, he will embark on an adventure to learn more about those bizarre events.

It seems unlikely that Alan Wake 2 would ignore Remedy’s plans for Control as part of a trilogy. Thomas Puha, head of communications, told PCGamesN in August 2018 that there were also discussions about making another one. With this in mind, both games may be released separately as part of a trilogy with the same protagonist and interconnected plot points. Control could be the direct sequel.

The trailer for Alan Wake 2 is full of references and callbacks to Alan Wake and Control, which hint at where the story is heading. One of these references suggests that this could be the middle of a three-part story. In the trailer’s section of the city, one of the neon signs near Alan in the distance gives a hint.

Alan Wake was first released in 2010, and fans have been waiting eagerly for a sequel. It seems that the wait is finally over, though there may be a trilogy.

Alan Wake 2 begins with the main character, Alan Wake, being released from a mental institution. The trailer shows him driving down a dark street before reaching his home. Things start to get weird when objects in the house appear to be alive.

This is in line with the plot of Alan Wake, which featured dark forces trying to Take Control of reality. Alan Wake, the main character, used his past troubles and knowledge of horror stories to overcome them.

The trailer features objects becoming alive, and he is beginning his Return phase. The Remedy is teasing. There might be more than one game. If so, it would be a perfect fit for the Monomyth design. It might seem strange that Control would be added after ten years. But, Control is technically a spinoff of Alan Wake.

Remedy’s Alan Wake 2, which is also hinted at what to expect, is still not very exciting until more evidence shows that it will be a trilogy.

The sign at the intersection of two city sections can be seen to have the letters “Init” and “ion” with the middle letters blocked. If you pay attention to the clues littering the Remedy Connected Universe, or as Remedy calls it now, you will be able to guess what the sign is spelt.

The term Initiation refers to Joseph Campbell’s middle description of the “Monomyth”, as detailed in The Hero’s Journey. The Monomyth is made up of three parts: Initiation and Departure. “Departure” was the title of the reality-bending book Alan wrote to help him defeat the supernatural Dark Presence. Alan’s sequel manuscript, “Return”, is referenced in a few places. This includes an Alan Wake Easter egg in Quantum Break’s time travel action game Quantum Break and in This House of Dreams, a blog that provided an alternate reality tie in with Alan Wake’s world.

Alan Wake

This House of Dreams, as well as the Quantum Break Easter egg, make mention of Initiation. However, this is the first time we have seen it mentioned in Alan Wake material. It may appear in the Alan Wake 2 trailer, marking this story as the middle of Alan’s hero’s journey. Is it?

This is the middle of the story, and Alan Wake was initially, so it implies that there will be a third part a trilogy. Although it is possible that Alan Wake 2 will include both the Initiation as well as the Return chapters, the trailer doesn’t mention “Return”.

It’s a subtle hint that the trailer for Alan Wake 2 implies an Alan Wake 3 but the hint is there. This could be a clue to the story Alan Wake 2 will tell. We know it will be scary from all the clues we have seen, even the trailer, where Alan states, “This story’s a monster”. Remedy’s first venture into survival horror is the middle of the hero’s journey. This includes their most difficult trials and most strenuous moments. You can expect Alan Wake 2 will take you to dark places.

We won’t be able to know that until Alan Wake 2 content is available, but it’s good to have some indications of what’s coming in the sequel. Remedy could release Wake 2 first, then Return. This would give us three games set in the same universe. What do you think of this theory? Are Remedy trying to tease a two-game series? Or is there still room for another game? We’d love to hear your comments in the comments section below. Is the Trailer for Alan Wake 2 Teasing a Trilogy? Is Is Remedy hinting that there might be more than one game? Is there room for another game? Is this your opinion? Is it possible to foresee the sequel’s future?

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